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I've seen acupuncturists for more than 20 years, and the depth and solidity of the treatments I received at Santa Rosa Community Acupuncture was unmistakable. I also very much appreciate the affordable payment policies. I highly recommend these practitioners and wish them the best as they grow their clinic.Will H
I've worked with all of the acupuncturists here and I think they are all very good at their job. I've been going here for a little over a month for neck pain and to help with fertility. I was actually skeptical that this would work but I figured it couldn't hurt. It worked! I just found out I'm pregnant and I no longer have neck pain! Their costs are very reasonable and the setting is calming. I highly recommend this place for all of your acupuncture needs. Teri R
Excellent. I have been going since June. Michael's work with me made it possible for me heal plantar fasciatis and go on a 4 day hike in Glacier Park in August. We are now working on neuropathy pain. I really like the atmosphere there--very relaxing, and Michael is very gentle and capable. I worked one time with Derek, too, and he was also very good. I would highly recommend them to anyone! Tish L
I was having severe chest pain (yes, hospital emergency) and all my cardiac tests were negative. The presumptive diagnosis was erosive esophagitis secondary to long- standing GERD. After my third acupuncture treatment, the symptoms started to diminish, and after six sequential daily treatments, the problem is about 90% fixed. I am an experienced biomedical researcher, and I don't scoff at results like these. You're missing out if you don't give acupuncture a try, and SRCA is a WONDERFUL healthcare model. I received treatment from all three practitioners, and I credit them with saving me from an intractable condition. KUDOS, SRCA!William C
I love Santa Rosa Community Acupuncture. I have been going there for about 5 months now, mostly for Interstitial Cystitis and hot flashes. When I started, I was not sleeping, due to the hot flashes and having to get up every few hours to use the bathroom. I am now almost symptom-free. My stress levels have gone down and I am sleeping much better. As a side benefit, my skin is so smooth and has a great color, to the point where people keep asking me what beauty products I am using. I would highly recommend SRCA to anyone. The price is great, as well as the service. I feel like I am back to my old self again, thanks to them.Erica D
LOVE Santa Rosa Community Acupuncture! A family member with Mental health issues, was given a medication that didn't work and had adverse reactions. They saw Derek a handful of times and now are doing great! Getting more stable all the time. Do give them a try! Lisa H
I highly recommend Viola Huang-Beck and her staff. I had lots of pain following a fall and leg injury and she and her staff helped me so much. I will go back for future treatments if the need arises. Sandy T
I have had such an outstanding experience with this acupuncture clinic. The setting is calm, tranquil and relaxing, and all the practitioners are professional and genuinely caring. The price of sessions allows me to go 2-3 times a week, which I could not afford elsewhere. My sessions with Viola Huang-Beck have been the only thing that has helped clear up chronic problems of hormonal imbalance, recurrent infections, low energy and other symptoms related to PCOS. Being into alternative medicine, I have tried many other modalities, but these acupuncture sessions have showed incredible, fast and wonderful results. All in all, I am so glad I found this place, and that it is in my neighborhood.Vidya H
I searched and searched AND searched the north bay to find an acupuncturist that had the right qualities to fit my needs. I finally found Viola Huang-Beck in Santa Rosa and before even meeting her in person I had a long phone conversation with her and I could feel my search coming to an end. Viola's intelligence, experience, patience, understanding, professionalism and compassion made me feel not only like she could help me, but that she wanted to. Viola keeps a file of all her patients to keep track of your individual needs and progress. I always left my treatments feeling entirely rejuvenated. Viola goes above and beyond to get you healthier and happier. She gave me book recommendations, diet guidelines, relaxation tips -- many times she felt like a personal life coach. With patience and consistency you will see great results. I certainly did. Kelly G
I've been treated by Viola Huang-Beck an 8th generation acupuncturist for various running related conditions i.e. runner's knee, plantar fasciitis and most recently a thoracic sprain. Even when I'm not injured the endorphin induced sense of well being relieves stress from a physically demanding job. The community clinic environment allows you to rest for as long as you want or need without feeling rushed. Payment is on a sliding scale and very affordable. Susan H
I still receive outstanding care from Viola Huang Beck but I had a health issue on one of the days she wasn't at the clinic. Based on my symptoms, my doctor's office recommended that I go to ER. I called the SRCA clinic and went in and was treated by Derek Doss. He resolved my problem with acupuncture and suggested/prescribed a medicine to go in tandem with my treatment. I only needed the medicine once in conjunction with the treatment because like I said, he treated/cured the problem. Monica K
I cannot speak highly enough of the care received under the capable hands of Viola Huang Beck. I went to her in desperation to relieve several symptoms, namely Vertigo, Tennis Elbow, and chronic bronchitis. Although I truly believe acupuncture is a highly successful procedure for relieving a myriad of illnesses, my skepticism focused on the provider's abilities, not the technique. Viola has surpassed all expectations of her abilities and talents. I am no longer in pain, in fear of falling, or congested. People need to know of all the many health issues acupuncture can help control, from allergies to pain to anxiety to digestive problems and more. You won't be disappointed! Gael F
I have been treated for many health issues from sadness to shingles. If you are uncomfortable in any way give acupuncture a try. This place is GREAT! Sliding scale and very good compassionate care!! Melissa R
Viola Huang-Beck is excellent. This community clinic is a fantastic addition to Santa Rosa! We are so happy to have found you. It is a wonderful place, so relaxing. Not only terrific, individualized, knowledgeable, kind acupuncture, both husband and I are starting to feel a noticeable difference after only 2 treatments. It also feels like a mini mediation spa with so many calming touches. I cannot say enough great things about it. Ann L
I came to Santa Rosa Community Acupuncture with the intention of receiving treatment for a greatly swollen ankle. Immediately after my first session, the swelling in my ankle went down considerably. When I stood up to walk out I found I also had more feeling in my feet than I’ve had in years. Subsequent treatments continued to address my ankle and also increased my overall energy (including libido) and general sense of well-being. I found the team at SRCA to be extremely pleasant and highly skilled at what they do. I’ve been recommending Santa Rosa Community Acupuncture to many of my friends and have volunteered this testimonial as a way of saying ‘thank you’ and to possibly assist the decision process of anyone considering acupuncture treatment. James G
You won't get better acupuncture anywhere, for any price. I have had acupuncture treatments over the last 40 years, by many practitioners, in many places, some more effective than others. I feel qualified to assert that Santa Rosa Community Acupuncture provides excellent treatment with wonderful results. At present, I am being treated for insomnia and stress, and am pleased that the treatments are beneficial. We are fortunate that this truly affordable acupuncture center has opened in Santa Rosa & I urge anyone reading this to not suffer with something that might be alleviated, but to give this option a chance. While acupuncture is not a miracle cure, it can help many conditions; and one thing I do know, it can't hurt you! MaryJane G